Colefax Group PLC (CFX) Announcements

Colefax Group PLC
27 April 2007

                       Colefax Group Plc (the 'Company')

                              Payment to Director

                    in Lieu of the Exercise of Share Options

On 27th April 2007 the company agreed with Miss Key Hall, a director of the
company and chief executive of the company's US subsidiary, that it will make
her a cash payment of 145,600 prior to 30 April 2007 in lieu of the exercise of
the following Executive share options:

20,000 options at an exercise price of 111p granted on 24th July 1997
100,000 options at an exercise price of 83p granted on 6th April 1999

The amount of the cash payment is equivalent to the difference between the
exercise price of the shares and the closing mid-market price of an ordinary
share of 10p each in the company on 26th April 2007 of 2.09p.


Rob Barker - Finance Director - 020 7318 6007

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