The Group currently has 6,224,281 ordinary shares in issue with a nominal value of 10p each. There are no shares held in treasury.

Group Directors and the Colefax Group Plc ESOP currently hold 1,484,920 shares or 23.86% of the total. These are held as follows:

David Green 1,129,513
Colefax Group Plc ESOP 60,000
Wendy Nicholls 59,437
Robert Barker 80,000
Key Hall 110,970
Alan Smith 45,000

The Group’s main shareholders are as follows:

Schroder PLC 1,240,729 – 19.93%
David Green 1,129,513 – 18.15%
Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC 1,055,952 – 16.97%

In accordance with the AIM Rules (Rule 26), in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company's issued share capital that is not in public hands is 60.76%. This percentage comprises the holdings of Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC, Schroder PLC, Colefax Group Plc ESOP along with shareholdings of David Green, Robert Barker, Wendy Nicholls, Key Hall and Alan Smith, as directors that currently hold shares in the Company.

Details of other exchanges or trading platforms:

The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Details on any restrictions on the transfer of securities:

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.


Last Updated: 22 March 2024